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Navigating the Cancer Maze represents the culmination of my 40 years experience working at the coalface of cancer in what I call cancer supportive care medicine. As a young girl of about 8 years of age – I had two ambitions in life; to research cancer or become a veterinary surgeon. The universe works in mysterious ways. In 1976 I married a veterinarian who had cancer.

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  • From Cancer Good Things Grow – A Survivor’s Story|Grace Gawler Interviews Jeffrey Deslandes

    from cancer good things grow

    Jeffrey Deslandes thought he had it all. The father of five children, he had his whole life ahead of him. But on one fateful day in 1999, he believed it was all over when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. He was wrong. His life had just begun!

  • Options, Choices and Treatments for Cancer Recovery| Navigating the Cancer Maze

    Body rhythms diagram

    New cancer treatments are always controversial; BUT – this method is not a treatment. It’s a smart approach. A Smart approach that utilizes all that we know so far about cancer. It works because ultimately; our innate immune system knows what to do.

  • Navigating the Cancer Maze Radio – USA Thanksgiving Holiday edition|Fran Drescher with Grace Gawler


    The Cancer Schmancer Movement is changing the paradigm away from a cure toward cancer prevention and early detection. 90% of cancer is caused by environmental factors she says. By knowing what toxins to avoid we can reduce our cancer risk and by being proactive with annual screenings, people can be diagnosed earlier with a better chance to live longer & healthier.

  • Navigating the Medical Imaging Maze – What scan should I have? Grace Gawler with Dr Nevil Chimon

    Dr Nevil Chimon BSc (Hons), MSc and NUS, PhD,

    Be informed about Medical Imaging for Cancer Patients – Listen to the expert on Navigating the Cancer Maze Radio. Most cancer patients know little about Medical Imaging. It is often a mysterious event that weaves in and out of patient’s life during and after a cancer diagnosis. -But the skill of the team involved in Medical Imaging plays an critical role in patient care, diagnostics, choices of therapy and outcomes. Dr Nevil Chimon is an important link in this chain because he researches and develops radio tracers for medical imaging.

  • Listen to Your Body Clock – Cancer and Your Health – Grace Gawler


    We have knowledge of many cycles in our world. The tides, day and night are the most obvious. All creatures great and small are subject to these unseen forces that ultimately shape our life and our experience of it.” The circadian clock in mammals drives many physiological processes including the daily rhythms of sleep–wake behaviour, hormonal secretion, and metabolism. Less known, is that the clock also drives our immune cycles; an important factor in cancer treatment and recovery says Melbourne University Research Fellow Martin Ashdown, who has studied the phenomena for a long time. The science of taking advantage of the body’s own immune rhythm to improve efficacy of treatments is worth paying attention to whether its surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapies, radiation/cyberknife; one thing is now clear – timing of treatment matters!

  • An Answer to Cancer – How Your Immune Body-Clock can assist Complete Remission | Navigating the Cancer Maze

    Measuring immune cycles

    Cancer affects everyone around the world in some way. Friends, relatives, children, mums and dads, grans and grandpas! It does not discriminate. It causes as much or perhaps even more misery than war because it reaches into every race, culture and country! If there was just one thing we could add to the recipe for Curing cancer or extending life with quality and well-being – wouldn’t we all be excited and interested?Do you want to know one important missing piece of the cancer puzzle? Two cancer researchers Martin Ashdown & Brendon Coventry have explored that question and yes they are excited!

  • An Answer to Cancer – How Your Immune Body-Clock can assist Complete Remission Grace Gawler with Martin Ashdown

    The Cancer Immune Cycle - A Window of Opportunity in Treatment Efficacy

    Could timing of cancer treatments be the missing link in delivery of cancer therapies? Sounds too simple to be true? Two cancer researchers Martin Ashdown & Brendon Coventry are “immunological explorers” who not only unearthed a buried “treasure”; but they have also created a map for other innovative cancer “explorers” to follow. The “treasure” is a cancer drug used for more than 20 years that is now providing oncologists with new information about how to best help patients achieve complete remission. The drug called interleukin-2, is providing cancer researchers with something akin to how the “Rosetta Stone” was used to unlock historical script; the outcome; mapping the immune cycle!

  • Grace Gawler|What you Need to Know to Safely Navigate the Complementary Medicine Maze


    With 30 years experience as a botanical medicine practitioner, I know that complementary medicines are very popular with cancer patients. Some believe they are an alternative to conventional medicine, rather than a complement or adjunct to other treatments. Patients tend not disclose natural medicines they are taking when seeing their oncologist. Some oncologists don’t ask. Some patients take an each way bet and use both conventional and “natural medicines”, but in most cases; they will likely never tell their doctor what they are doing.

  • Why you Need an Experienced Guide to Help you Navigate the Cancer Maze.

    A Helping Hand Grace Gawler

    Best Advice for anyone dealing with Cancer – Don’t try to Navigate the Cancer Maze alone! Find an experienced guide – someone you can trust and who is professional. If you have cancer or know someone who is dealing with cancer – please forward this blog link or the direct link to Voice America – where the Grace Gawler Institute’s internet radio show is hosted. We have a global audience. Listen live streaming or download episodes for free and listen later. Please help us in our mission to distribute reliable, valid and evidence-based cancer information – The lives of cancer patients depend upon truth in all branches and modalities of medicine.


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